Firstly, we want to acknowledge appreciate that our scorers and umpires give up their personal time to help the teams.  Our teams couldn't compete without your help, they literally couldn't score runs without you.

There are courses available for Scorers and Umpires through North Harbour Softball Association. You can find North Harbour Scorer information here and Umpire information here 

Please see below our ECB Softball Scorer and Umpire information


We have a private Facebook Group called 'ECB Softball Scorers'.  This group is for those learning to score through to our official scorers. It is a group where you can ask questions, get tips, share knowledge with each other.  

Please request to join at


We have asked our managers, coaches and scorers to join this Team Reach group as a way to communicate throughout the year.  Group Code is ECBCoach


North Harbour run Scorer Clinics that suits novices through to those wanting to gain NZ Scorers' qualifications. Scoring for all playing grades catered for from T-Ball through to Premier grades. The clinics work best if you bring queries from your previous week's games. However, sometimes listening to others queries can be beneficial too when you don't have queries of your own. Click here to find out more. 

REGISTER HERE - If you would like to be kept up to date with information, events and scorers clinics. 


Calling all senior players to join - The Ump List!

Blair Charnley has taken charge of the list and would like to request your assistance with our junior teams around the diamond this year.  The simple fact is, we need more umpires (senior players with experience!) to help out.  Last year a handful of people were tasked with covering pretty much all the junior games, so what we’d love is if you can support your junior club by providing the below.  

Please email if you are able to help.

  • What days and times you would be available to umpire (Friday/Saturday/Monday)
  • What grades you would feel comfortable with umpiring
  • What your best contact method is

The teams usually pay $20 a week for umpiring.  This can be split $15/$5 to the plate and base ump if you have a younger player you’re wanting to upskill.