ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  - Sunday 16 July 2023


WHERE: Rosedale Park - Pure Athletic Stadium Meeting Rooms 

WHEN: Sunday 16 July 2023 3pm - 5pm 

WHO: All ECB club members are welcome to attend the AGM meeting and equally join the committee.  We welcome new faces, ideas and anyone that has time and skills to help run a successful club. To apply please use the nomination on this page. 

VACANCIES: The following positions are required to be vacated at the AGM due to the expiry of their term in office, and will need to be filled for the upcoming season. 

Voting will occur at the AGM. 

  • Club President 
  • Junior Club Captain
  • Senior Club Captain
  • Club Secretary due to resignation - this is for 1 year being the remainder of the term.

We will be calling for nominations for these positions and for new committee members. 

Nominations for vacant positions and any agenda items should be sent by email to by 11 June 2023


Our ECB Softball Constitution sets out our principles, objects and rules by which the organisation will operate. Details the day-to-day management of an organisation or the procedures by which the principles or objects are to be implemented can be included in by-laws, regulations or policies.  

ECB received it's official certificate of incorporation on the 17 August 1977 and we are still going strong.