At ECB Softball we are committed to the development of our players and helping them achieve their softball goals.  For some of our players this could be aspirations to become a North Harbour Representative while other players may have their sights set on the international stage.  No matter the dream, we want our players to love the game.

New Zealand Softball has had many successful World Series campaigns with their Black Sox and White Sox.  Women's Softball was showcased at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and New Zealand Softball are working hard to develop a strong White Sox team in hopes to qualify and compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

We believe that we have great players at ECB and want to provide extra help for those players that want to either upskill or take their career to the next level.  


ECB has junior girls and boys teams presenting all age grades at North Harbour Softball Association

We encourage our developing juniors to look for opportunities to either train or play not only in their own grade but up into a higher grade to get more experience.  

To see our Player Progression Chart and what your Development Pathway could look like CLICK HERE


Softball New Zealand have released a series of training tips, these are great at home trainings for you to try. 

  • Episode 1 - Fielding with the Sky Sports White Sox, The Lewin Sisters | Home Advantage 
  • Episode 2 - Hitting with the Sky Sports White Sox, The Lewin Sisters | Home Advantage 
  • Episode 3 - Throwing & Catching Like The Sky Sports White Sox | Home Advantage 
  • Episode 4 - Infield drills with The Sky Sports White Sox | Home Advantage 
  • Episode 5 - Bat Tricks with Cole Evans | Home Advantage 


See here some great at home tips from Troy one of our ECB Coaches. 

  • Troy showing a softball throw wrist work drill CLICK HERE
  • Troy shows No Glove, Glove work drill CLICK HERE
  • Troy shows you how to pratice batting at home CLICK HERE

For further information on softball or other organisations please use the following links.