ECB Softball teams have practice and games at Rosedale Park located at: 

Jack Hinton Drive

Albany, Auckland 0632 

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Umpiring Duties – ALL Grades will need to umpire themselves if there is no “Official Umpire” appointed. If this is the case the first named on the draw is to do this. If Officials are available for your games, they will be made to the draw on each Thursday Night.

No Metal Cleats – The council have advised that NO METAL CLEATS are to be worn on the Grass diamonds due to the AstroTurf inserts that have been put in place (Rubbers are allowed). ALL sporting grounds managed by Auckland Council with AstroTurf have this rule. Anyone found wearing METAL CLEATS will incur a FINE of $50, this will be charged to the Club. Each Club will get a 1 Strike warning, then be fined from thereon. 

Training at Rosedale - Diamonds at Rosedale are booked midweek and weekend for training.  If you wish to train privately please be mindful of those teams that have booked space for training. 

Public Holiday’s – There will be NO play on Labour Weekend, Auckland Anniversary Weekend or Waitangi Weekend (This will include any play that would have been on the Monday’s of these holiday weekends).

Liquor License Laws - You cannot bring your own alcohol to training or to Rosedale Park. This is being closely monitored by the Police and Liquor Licensing Authority.  There will be no drinking of alcohol on the diamonds.  You can purchase alcohol from the Club bar, however this can only be drunk in the designated area. 

Default - Teams who default will be charged $200 from North Harbour Softball – this will be reinforced.  It is important if you are unable to play that you let your team manager so they can ensure you have enough players on the day. 

Rain Out/Cancellations - In the event of bad weather and potential game disruption the NHSA rainout procedure is as follows: 

  • Friday/Monday Night Games: NHSA will make a call at 4:30pm on whether games go ahead.  Clubs will be notified, ECB will contact coaches/managers informed, a post on the ECB Softball Facebook page will also be added. If you hear nothing games are on.
  • Saturday: NHSA will make a call at 7:30am for all junior games and a call will be made at 12:30pm for all Senior Games.  Clubs will be notified at these times, ECB will contact coaches/managers informed, a post on the ECB Softball Facebook page will also be added. If you hear nothing games are on. 
  • REMEMBER if the game has started the umpire makes the call on whether to proceed or stop play due to weather.