2023 – 2024 Season
Junior ECB Award Winners

Team Awards

U11 Thunder
Most Improved Player - Aaron Brodie
Most Valuable Player - Micah Cheeseman
Coaches Award - Helios Leung

U11 Cyclones
Most Improved Player - Morne du Plessis
Most Valuable Player - Daniel Barry
Coaches Award - Reeve Bonthuys

U11 Tsunamis
Most Improved Player - Reighnan Bantom
Most Valuable Player - Tindur Skaftason
Coaches Award - Callan McKinnie 

U11 Unicorns
Most Improved Player - Adelaide Croul
Most Valuable Player - Kelly-Rae Kostopoulos
Coaches Award - Pippa Atkinson 

U13 Cubs
Most Improved Player - Nikau Wright
Most Valuable Player - Jake Packer
Coaches Award - Alex Garcia-Curtis

U13 Pegasus
Most Improved Player - Sonja du Plessis
Most Valuable Player - Ruby Campbell
Coaches Award - Bailey Swanepoel

U13 Small Sox
Most Improved Player - Jack Reagan
Most Valuable Player - Cohen Mcdonagh
Coaches Award - Wilbur Congalton

U13 Cardinals
Most Improved Player - Cohen McAlpine 
Most Valuable Player - Zachary Byard
Coaches Award - Ethan Kostopoulos 

U15 Angels
Most Improved Player -  Jessica Smith
Most Valuable Player - Denise Swanepoel 
Coaches Award - Nikita Bright

U15 Hornets
Most Improved Player - Riley Corrigan
Most Valuable Player - Jayden Waters
Coaches Award - Zachary Byard

U15 Small Sox
Most Improved Player - Connor Mackessack
Most Valuable Player - Kaleb Taylor
Coaches Award - Joash Murray

U17 Valkyrie
Most Improved Player - Kaelee Compton
Most Valuable Player - Jessica Taylor
Coaches Award - Freya Williams 

U17 Rebels
Most Improved Player - Cooper Sims
Most Valuable Player - Zach Adkins
Coaches Award - Cody Taylor

U19 Gladiators
Most Improved Player - Joash Murray
Most Valuable Player - Rorke Crewe
Coaches Award - Flynn Ridley

Club Awards

U5-U7 New Promising Player T-Ball - Sonya Johnson
U7-U9 Most Improved Player T-Ball - Freddie  Harding
U7-U9 Most Promising Player T-Ball Player - Harvey Jefferson
U7-U9 Most Improved T-Ball Team - U9 Dolphins
U7-U9 Top T-Ball Team - U9 Little Rangers
U7-U9 Most Promising New T- Ball Coach - Kaylee Munro
U5-U9 Top Coach T-Ball - Richard Lancaster

U11 Most Promising Player - Tindur Skaftason
U11 Most Improved Player - Kelly-Rae Kostopoulos 
U11-U13 Rookie Sox: Most Promising Boy - Kaleb Taylor
U11-U13 Rookie Sox: Most Promising Girl - Ruby Campbell
U11-U13 Rookie Sox: Most Improved Boy - Jack Regan
U11-U13 Rookie Sox: Most Improved Girl - Zoe Bourchier

U15-U19 Grade:
Most Promising Junior Boy - Joash Murray
Most Promising Junior Girl - Neve Cadness-Aspinall
Most Improved Junior Boy - Connor Mackessack 
Most Improved Junior Girl - Jessica Smith
Most Improved Junior Team - U17 Valkyrie

U11-U19 Junior Outstanding Team Achievement Award - U11 Navy Team
U11-U19 Top Junior Team - U13 Small Sox

Top Junior Scorer - Andie McDowell 
Most Promising New Junior Coach - Tyrone Crewe
Top Junior Coach - Tracey Kaminski

Junior Club Personality Award - Kaelee (Bob) Compton

Statistic based Awards

Top Junior Batters
(U13-U15) Boy - Joash Murray
(U13-U15) Girl - Denise Swanepoel  
(U17-U19) Boy - Jack Baker
(U17-U19) Girl - Freya Williams 

Top Junior Catchers
(U13-U15) Boy - Joash Murray
(U13-U15) Girl - Jessica Smith
(U17-U19) Boy - Flynn Ridley
(U17-U19) Girl - Tamika Bonthuys 

Top Junior Pitchers
(U13-U15) Boy - Kaleb Taylor
(U13-U15) Girl - Neve Cadness-Aspinall
(U17-U19) Boy - Rorke Crewe
(U17-U19) Girl - Jessica Taylor

Top Junior Boy - Jack Baker
​​​​​​​Top Junior Girl - Jessica Taylor

Nathan’s Way - Cameron Schmidt

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2023 – 2024 Season
Senior ECB Award Winners

Team Awards

Div 3 Cougars
Most Improved Player - Karen Hart
Most Valuable Player - Lee Paganini
Coaches Award - Kayley Munro

Div 3 Phoenix
Most Improved Player - Zerena Mason
Most Valuable Player - Tracey Van Der Walt
Coaches Award - Rianne Brazier

Div 3 Pumas
Most Improved Player - Kieren Streifler
Most Valuable Player - Amanda Casey
Coaches Award - Jessie Congalton

Div 1 Wildcats
Most Improved Player - Georgina Dew
Most Valuable Player - Tara McAlpine
Coaches Award - Bronwynne Croeser

Prem Reserve Panthers
Most Improved Player -Morgan Page
Most Valuable Player - Gena Poulton
Coaches Award - Daina Brazier

Div 3 Rangers
Most Improved Player - Lee Lynch-Hines
Most Valuable Player - Ben Thompson
Coaches Award - Kieran Williams

Div 3 Renegades
Most Improved Player - Andre Van Der Walt 
Most Valuable Player - Greg Messina 
Coaches Award - Hamish Congalton 

Prem Reserve Misfits
Most Improved Player - Zach Adkins 
Most Valuable Player - Shakur James 
Coaches Award - Kody Wilson 

Prem Men Misfits
Most Improved Player - Cameron Schmidt 
Most Valuable Player - Harrison Baker
Coaches Award - Rorke Crewe

Club Awards 

Senior Premier Reserve Womens'
Most Improved Player - Bridget Baker 
Most Promising Player - Lucy Cadness-Aspinall
Player of the Year -  Gena Poulton

Div 1 Senior Womens'
Most Improved Player - Gabriella Dew
Most Promising Player - Gabriella Dew
Player of the Year  - Daina Brazier

Div 3 Social Womens'
Most Improved Player - Zerena Mason
Player of the Year - Tracey Van Der Walt

Premier Reserve Mens'
Most Improved Player - Cody Taylor
Most Promising Player - Cameron Schmidt
Player of the Year - Cameron Schmidt

Premier Mens'
Most Improved Player - Cameron Schmidt
Most Promising Player - Harrison Baker
Player of the Year - Harrison Baker

Div 3 Mens'
Most Improved Player - Greg Messina
Player of the Year - Karl Palmer

Senior New Promising Player - Carol James

Statistic based Awards

Top Senior  Batter  - Men - Harrison Baker
Top Senior  Batter - Women - Gena Poulton

Top Senior  Catcher - Men - Flynn Ridley
Top Senior  Catcher - Women - Grace Palmer 

Top Senior  Pitcher - Men - Rorke Crewe
Top Senior  Pitcher - Women - Daina Brazier

Top Senior Coach - Stu Page

Sports Person Award - Chris Waters

Club Captain Award - Troy Smail

The Commitment Cup Award - The Crewe Family

The Charnley Cup - The Wildcats

Umpiring Cup - Chris Murdoch

Administrator of the Year Award - Philippa Munro

Senior Scorer of the Year – Kelvin Chiles

Most Promising Scorer - Kieran Williams

Senior Club Personality Award - Sophie & Samantha Winters

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2023 – 2024 Season
NHSA Award Winners 

Under 11 Runner Up: Cyclones
Under 13 Boys Winners:  ECB Small Sox
Under 17/19 Boys Runner Up: ECB Gladiators
Div 1 Ladies Runner Up: Wildcats

Premier Reserve Women - Top Batter - Gena Poulton from ECB Panthers .551
Premier Reserve Women - Most Home Runs - Gena Poulton from ECB Panthers - 3
Premier Reserves Women - MVP - Gena Poulton
North Harbour Men's Softball Series Team: Harrison Baker and Cameron Schmidt
​​​​​​​North Harbour Women's Softball Series Team:  Daina Brazier, Jess Taylor and Gena Poulton

Suzette Taylor NZ Badge Level4
​​​​​​​Andie McDowell NZ Bar Level5

Level 2 Umpire Accreditation - Kelvin Chiles, Daina Brazier, Tracey Van Der Walt and Andrew Charnley
Level 3 Umpire Accreditation - Colter Prince 

Representative Softball
NFC Mens -
Harrison Baker
U19 Boys - Zach Adkins, Jack Baker, Flynn Ridley, Jesse Harris, Cameron Schmidt, Rorke Crewe, Tyrone Crewe and Andie McDowell, Cody Taylor (Waikato)
U19 Girls - Lucy Cadness-Aspinall, Jessica Taylor
U17 Boys - Zach Adkins and Leo
U17 Girls - Jessica Taylor, Grace Palmer, Freya Williams, Neve Cadness-Aspinall
U15 Girls - Neve Cadness-Aspinall, Jade, Jessica Smith, Freya Williams, Troy Smail and Audrey Cadness
U15 Boys - Kaleb Taylor, Cooper, Conner, Ben, Jack, Noah, Wilbur, Cohen, Quintin, Archie and Solomon, Tracey, Dave, Georgina and Jessie

Tournament Achievements
U15 Boys Regional Tournament Team - Kaleb Taylor 
U17 Boys Cameron Duncan MVP - Zach Adkins
U15 Girls Cameron Duncan Top Pitcher - Neve Cadness-Aspinall
U11 Mixed Team - Winners Navy Tournament 
U13 Small Sox - Winners Navy Tournament 

​​​​​​​Softball New Zealand
U15 Developing Sox, Andrew Charnley Co-manager, Andie McDowell Scorer
Developing Sox - Zach Adkins Southern Touring Team

Harbour Sport - Volunteer of the Year - Suzette Taylor
Harbour Sport - Finalist for Club of the Year - East Coast Bays Softball