ECB Equipment Loans are for ECB Registered teams ONLY


Please email with the below details to request loaned equipment.  Requests are to be made by team management/coaches. 

  1. Name of borrower:
  2. Contact phone number: 
  3. Team Name and Grade: 
  4. Date Equipment Needed and Return Date: 
  5. Name of Equipment Required: 

By emailing a request - you as the borrower agree to our Equipment Loan terms and conditions as outlined below. Please note that items are collected once a week from lock up, so 7 days advanced notice is required. 

If you have any questions please contact Colter Prince (Renegades) on the Property/Equipment team at 


ItemsTeam loaned toExpected return date
Batting Machine Powered x 1 (U13+)Charnz

Please contact Charnz directly if you need the powdered batting machine and dimple balls. You will need to train on either D8 or D9 and liaise with other ECB teams to swap diamonds if you dont have this allocation. Diamond Allocations can be found under Season Info.   


Batting Maching Manual x 2
JO.- Renegades
Easton Pop Up Net x 5


Please do not give equipment to another team as you are accountable for this, if another team wants the equipment after you, they will need to complete their own request form which changes the accountability from your team to theirs.  

Liability: The borrower assumes all liability for any injuries or damages that may occur while using the equipment. They agree to hold the lender harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, or damages arising from the use of the equipment.

Care and maintenance: The borrower agrees to use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner and to take good care of it. This includes storing it properly, cleaning it after use, and reporting any damage or issues to the lender immediately.

Return date: The borrower agrees to return the equipment on the agreed-upon date. If they fail to do so, they may be charged a late fee or have their borrowing privileges revoked.

Replacement cost: The borrower agrees to pay the full replacement cost of any equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair while in their possession.

Indemnification: The borrower agrees to indemnify and hold the lender harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, or damages arising from the borrower's use of the equipment.

Assumption of risk: The borrower acknowledges and assumes all risks associated with the use of the equipment.

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